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Mojen (Enmak Group) has a customer satisfaction policy, based on “Customer Focused Approach”, for the production of all its products and services.

We are committed to satisfying all customer needs and demands with a clear, transparent, fast, reassuring, customer-focused manner.  With our employees and our suppliers in our value chain, we are very sensitive to respond to all our customers in the fastest way by understanding their demands accurately.

We always handle customer requests with our understanding of sustainable service quality. In case we receive a complaint from one of our customers, we review it objectively, carefully, attentively and at the end, we provide a solution to create a  satisfied customer. In parallel with coming complaints and suggestions, we implement permanent improvements in our systems and processes. We proceed by taking into account customer expectations, conditions depending on laws and regulations and our workers’ declarations while handling requests or establishing policies and objectives.

In order to have permanent customer satisfaction,  we measure our success – how well we meet customer requirements and the customer’s changing expectations and then we evaluate results. In the next steps, all employees are informed, product development studies are carried out, and the slightest dissatisfaction about the offered product is taken seriously and improvement activities are carried out.

The management of Mojen (Enmak Group) companies supports the organization in order to address the complaints effectively and efficiently, to provide the necessary resources for this purpose, to improve the processes and to ensure the necessary competence of all personnel within the framework of the customer focus.

General Manager

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